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Consumer Publications

I have written more than 100 articles for major consumer magazines, including women's, health and science, and lifestyle magazines, as well as newspapers and newspaper syndicates.

Women's Magazines
Health and Science Magazines
  • American Health (Article: The Cholesterol That Counts. Winner, William Harvey Award, Honorable Mention, in the Magazine division)
  • American Legion
  • Being Well
  • City Sports
  • Cooking Light
  • Discover
  • Health
  • Heart Insight
  • In Health
  • Let's Live
  • Men's Health
  • Next
  • Prevention
  • The Runner
  • Science Digest
  • U.S. Journal
  • Volleyball Monthly
  • Young Scholar

Lifestyle Magazines
  • Forum
  • Pan Am Clipper
  • Panorama
  • Private Clubs (Article: Golf's Better Half. I wrote this cover story with my wife, Margie, women's club champion at South Fork Country Club in 2006 and 2007, who's a much better golfer than I'll ever be.)

Newspapers and Newspaper Syndicates

  • Body & More (Articles: How Long Does It Take? and The Caregivers)
  • Brooklyn Heights Press
  • Daily News Sunday Magazine
  • Independent News Alliance
  • International Medical Tribune Syndicate
  • Healthfile
  • Newspaper Enterprise Association
  • New York Times Feature Syndicate

Mark L Fuerst, Freelance Writer, Editorial Consultant Specializing in Health & Medicine
Tele and Fax: 718-852-2782